Sunday, 23 December 2012

The Rutles

The marvellous Rutles were the creation of the satirical genius of the Monty Python's Eric Idle and equally brilliant pop stylist Neil Innes who worked with Monty Python and wrote all the songs for The Holy Grail Movie.
The Rutles started as a small section on Idle's Rutland Weekend Television show in the early 1970s and developed into the telemovie All You Need Is Cash probably one of the worlds first mockumentaries.
A brilliant parody of the Beatles it tells the story of Ron, Dirk, Stig and Nasty with spot on Beatlesque style songs that could have passed as long lost songs of the Fab4 themselves.
While it took some time to get aired, the album with it's 12 page booklet tells an abridged version of the movie and both have become cult classics after a relatively slow start.
I myself was totally rapt in the artwork and satirical pictures and storyline so that's what I'm highlighting here.
I have supplied two more links for those who want to follow the band a bit more in depth.

The Rutles. org a great fan site

Early Rutles The Saturday morning cartoon Rutles

A still from the YELLOW SUBMARINE SANDWICK (see below)

An early Rutles EP Meet the Rutles OUCH

A Hard Days Rut Sgt Rutters Dart Club Band Tragical History Tour

Shabby Road Let it Rot Archaelogy

Link to the Rutles LUNCH (a parody of LOVE the stage show)

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