Sunday, 23 December 2012

Band Logos

Band logos
Some have become iconic, whether by sheer popularity or radio friendly flogging.
Of all the millions of band logos that exist it is hard to define what makes the perfect band identifier?

The Beatles logo though simplistic in design has arguably become the most recognized band symbol in the world, right up there with Coca Cola, Mickey Mouse (or should I say Disney these days) and Microsoft. This even worked for the Beatles record company by just using the simple picture of an apple.

Some bands such as the Rolling Stones don't even need to mention their name just a notable body part from one of the members. 
Few have managed to do this but every no and again people like Prince (during his TAFKAP phase) and 70s punks the Misfits manage to produce something that captures the punters attention and still seen on TShirts everywhere (sans title of course).

The you also get the bands that are so huge that a symbol of one of their 
albums is enough to identify them as per this example from Led Zepplin, the personal symbol that is supposed to identify guitarist Jimmy Page.

Others go for basic bold type and border and let the music do the talking and by default and constant use become iconic in their own right,.

Other bands use stylized writing to portray their music and style well documented here by these bands.

Whilst some bands like Green Day don’t even bother and release a new banner with just about every record, which is a clever idea as each phase of the bands career is easily identified.

Then there are the Metal bands and their million sub genres , it’s a pity they don’t diverse a little bit.

This link is provides a countdown of Gigwise's favourite 50 band logos and gives reasoning to their decisions.
Better than any "Best Cartoon Band" Lists I come across lately.

For more info and a definitely more concise list than this cobbled together effort by me , click this link for ID the ultimate book of band logos.

Click on the pdf option on the page to view for free.

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