Sunday, 25 November 2012

The Hobbit Premier

I  love Wellington, it is a beautiful and friendly city.
It is also the home to Peter Jackson, Stone Street Studios and of course Weta Industries.
Wellington the City has embraced the the opportunity to host the grand premier of the movie, even more so than when it hosted The Return of the King when the town almost tripled in population and the red carpet extended for kilometres around the city.
The Hobbit an unexpected journey World Premiere is already transforming some of Wellington's landmarks into scenes from Middle Earth.
The Premiere is on November 28th.

Wellington Airport departure lounge with it's mega sized Gollum

Wellington Airport baggage claim decked out as Hobbit holes

The park between the beach and the cinema has been transformed for the premier celebrations as a market place

Local bookstore Whitcouls have wonderful displays to show off.
Wellington Post Office HQ with Dwarfs walking along the windows.
Also a large reproduction of a Bilbo stamp is displayed on the side
The new fa├žade for the Embassy theatre

Friday, 16 November 2012

Watchmen Parodies

I found these amusing , you can find more at Watchmencomicmovie.
This first one is from a special edition MAD Magazine from the 2008 ComicCon


This one I believe to be very clever. What if Stan Lee wrote Watchmen. After reading this it makes you thank goodness Alan Moore started writing for comics.


For more silly parodies go here SOMETHINGAWFUL