Monday, 26 January 2009

The ultimate fake rock band list


The ultimate fake rock band list is the creation of T. Mike Childs who has meretriciously catalogued thousands of bands, singers and performers who actually never really existed.
His website is also available in book form.
It is a labour of love that is being constantly updated and I think deserves a big free plug here.
I have a fondness for cartoon bands but T. Mike Childs explores movies, books even advertisements and songs in his never ending search.

For example did you know that there was this much information on just ONE of the bands in Star Wars?

The Max Rebo Band: the band of aliens entertaining Jaba The Hut in the movie Return Of The Jedi. Originally Evar Orbus and his Galactic Jizz-Wailers led by Evar Orbus.
Max Rebo took over after Evar Orbus died under a cloud of suspicion.
Losing their gig and low on funds, they auditioned for crimelord Jabba the Hut and got a lifetime contract Barquin D'an. Brother of Figran D'an , joined up with the band and helped beef up their sound with additional members until it became the Rebo Twelve. Barquin later left, disgusted with Jabba's cruelty. After Jabba's death and the collapse of his criminal empire, the band eventually broke up and went their seperate ways.
The Line up:
Pretty comprehensive stuff, hey?

There are pages of amazing stuff, just to see how many singers and bands the Simpson's have had in their 18 year old history is quite impressive.
All up an fascinating and entertaining read and something you can back to again and again.
I found one omission.
I couldn't find these guys in anywhere in there.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Battle of the cartoon bands

My first Blog was about who I thought was the best cartoon rock/pop band.
This article from the AV Club Blog takes another spin on it.