Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Stuff I leant about my Granddad.

A reprint about my Granddad who would have turned 120 this year.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

A Pictures Hidden Thousand Words.

A reprint of a story written about my Mum, who turns 89 this year.

Sunday, 1 October 2017



Danny Wale owner-operator of one Boronia’s more individual stores- Gore Fx always wanted his business to grow. So after patiently waiting for something suitable to come onto the market his tiny little shop in the AEC arcade in Boronia Square (see HERE) kept his handmade crafted goods on display for those in the know and surprising many an unwary passer-by.

After the break in
But recently the shop was broken into and valuable sculptures were stolen one night in mid-July.
This soul crushing incident (the goods were not insured) would have disheartened most people as the works stolen involved hundreds of hours of preparation. But Danny was already looking at expanding into larger, more secure premises across the way in the same arcade. Danny’s vision was to share his passion, teaching others his skills and tricks learned from his years perfecting his craft. A new larger premises with facilities was something he was on the lookout for even before he opened up in the original tiny shop front back in January 2016.

Owner and creator Danny Wale
With the break in behind him and the new shop, all decked out with new and creepy stock,

The new Gore Fx had its unveiling on Saturday 16th September and proved to be a frightening success. Where the old shop was only roughly 4 metres by 6 metres the new shop is brightly lit with lots of space to show of Danny’s creations and freestanding sculptures, not to mention the coffin complete with a corpse.
Shop Entrance
Behind the counter is where Danny can now create in the shop and no longer has to do everything at home. This is also where he will be holding tutorials and workshops for interested parties. Danny hopes to start these workshops after he gets married later this year- on Halloween appropriately – to his fiancĂ© Skye and after a short honeymoon hopefully, have things up and running in November. I popped in to check out the new digs and have a chat and was impressed with the stock and the many people who came to do the same. There was also a completion to see who could have the craziest photo taken with some of the stores freestanding props.

It’s great to see unique shops like Gore Fx in Boronia, something out of the box and maybe it will inspire others to move into the area and give

Boronia a much needed regeneration. If you are interested in Gore Fx’s classes and what they entail go to and message Danny for details.

Check the facebook page for opening hours.

A peek inside

Lollies at the counter

Items for sale