Sunday, 23 December 2012

Groovy TV & Movie cars from a bygone era.

This is just a random collection of vehicles used for various shows that just happened to be in my face as I was growing up.
Of course homeage has to be paid to the great George Barris who was responsible for so many customized vehiles in the 60s. These included the Batmobile, the Green Hornet's car, The Munster Koach and Drau-U-lar, the Monkeemobile and later on the Flinstones car for the movie and the General E Lee from Dukes of Hazzard.
Then on the other side of the Atlantic you had Gerry Anderson and his minature workshop blowing our minds with Sci Fi genius with shows like Captain Scarlet, Joe 90, UFO and the legendary Thunderbirds.

Old and new Lady Penelope limousines. The one and only mole from Thunderbird 2

Various vehicles from the series including other pod accessories.

These are from the series UFO

And for the oldies Captain Scarlets "truck"

The Bana Splits Buggies

The awful Partridge Family Bus

The wonderfully gouly Munster Koach and the lesser known Drag-u-lar

The King of Kustom Kars - George Barris

Creator of the original TV series Batmobile but not the movie versions.
Barris is also responsible for the Munster vehicles (above) Kit from Nightrider, Starsky & Hutch's car and the Monkee Mobile.

Not to mention The Green Hornet and the cars from the Flintstone movies.

Betcha didn't know Alvin the Chimpmunk had his own car, another Barris creation and who can forget the CHARIOT from Lost In Space?
I must do a revisit of this in the future because there are so many more to preview.

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