Tuesday, 6 December 2016


All The King’s Men is a 700 page science fiction anthology edited by Shane W Smith, the author of The Lesser Evil, Peaceful Tomorrows, The Game, James Flamestar, and Undad. All The King’s Men takes a look at the lives of those on the periphery, ordinary people struggling to make sense of their lives and dreams in a galaxy torn apart by civil war. Each of them is fleeing something different, but they've all come to the same place. When their ship is marooned in deep space, they pass the time by sharing stories. Things that have happened to them, events they've witnessed, rumours they've heard...

Shane W Smith has done a wonderful job creating a coherent story around over two dozen contributions originally with only the barest links if any.
After a successful Kickstarter campaign to help promote the book as of today 5th December 2016 the book and download of ALL THE KINGS MEN are now officially launched.
Of course, this all blatant self-interest to myself as I have a 12 page story PARADISO V as part of the anthology and here is a sample:

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