Friday, 16 December 2016

Saturday Morning Cartoon's Greatest Hits.

The Saturday Morning Cartoon Show Tunes Cover Collection.
Drew Barrymore hosts this quickly put together nostalgia show featuring the music from an album full of early 90s s Indy bands, with exception of the Ramones.
Most are faithful to the originals, which would be wise because the originals were basically hook filled addiction pills of songs.
While it's just clips of the bands performing clips with Drew and her cronies saying and doing stupid stuff, the unnecessary talking over the clips (only occasionally) does get annoying.


The song list:
Mathew Sweet- Scooby Doo (where are you)
Sublime- Hong Kong Fooey
Butthole Surfers- Under Dog
Ramones- Spiderman
Wax- Happy Happy Joy Joy -The Ren and Stimpy Show
Frente- Let The Sun Shine In - The Flinstones
The Murmurs- H.R Pufnstuf
Face to Face- Popeye The sailor Man
Collective Soul- The Bugaloos
Toadies- Goolies Get Together -The Groovy Goolies Show
Mary Lou Lord and SemiSonic- Sugar Sugar- The Archies
Tripping Daisy- Friends- Sigmund and The Sea Monsters
Sponge- Go Speed Racer- Speed Racer
Helmut- Gigantor
Liz Phair with Material Issues- Tra LaLa Song- The Banana Splits Adventure Hour
Juliana hatfield and Tanya Donelly- Josie and the Pussycats
Reverend Horton Heat- Johnny Quest/Stop That Pigeon- Johny Quest Show
Violent Femmes- Eep Oop Ork Ah-Ah- The Jetsons

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