Thursday, 24 November 2016

BRUCE the series

BRUCE the series.
Co-written by Game of Kings supporter Mat Blackwell (he supplied the soundtrack)
Mat is also responsible for the hilarious sci-fi novel BEEF. We at DVN61 are proud to flog his wares here.  :)

Bruce is a gritty black comedy set in an ordinary Aussie share-house that just happens to be a prison tent in Sydney Cove, 1788. Bruce Williamson, a thoroughly modern 18th century convict is stuck in a tent with irrepressible bogan Garry Smith, who claims to be Bruce’s “best mate" and great with the chicks. Add to this Mick, a well-read, philosophically sensitive monolith of a man who is also a serial killer... or is he?

Written by Mat Blackwell (Good News Week, The Glass House) & Warwick Holt (The Project, Good News Week), co-created and directed by Tony Rogers (Wilfred, How To Talk Australians) and produced by award winning producer Jason Byrne (Sucker, How To Talk Australians), Bruce has been funded by Screen Australia, along with a select group of ground-breaking original series set to hit online platforms in 2016.

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