Tuesday, 8 November 2016

DAVE DYE - The ANZAC Legend Graphic Book

Dave Dye’s The ANZAC Legend

Recently at the AMC Expo – a convention that caters for all things Geeky, such as comics, movies, collectibles and lots of normally sane people dressing up in rather elaborate and crazy outfits- It is also a great place to meet other Australian artists and writers. I was fortunate to catch up with author/artist Dave Dye. Dave is responsible for the ridiculously well researched history book told in graphic novel form: The ANZAC Legend. Dave’s passion for the project comes from his 28 years served in the Australian Regular Army where he obtained his Diploma of Visual Arts and where he worked amongst other areas in the Intelligence Battalion. Dave’s work as an illustrator was varied including signage, education and propaganda. This work even led him to a stint in Iraq before he retired to concentrate on his Magnum Opus. The ANZAC Legend is novel as it is told in sequential form (as in comic book) and makes it more accessible as the reader follows the events that led up to, include and go beyond the Gallipoli landing. On his retirement Dave spent three years and over 5,000 hours preparing the book which includes detailed maps drawn from Dave’s first-hand view of the area after taking countless photos on his trips to the peninsula. In writing the book Dave has tried to keep it historically accurate and clearing up certain myths that grow over time due to conjecture and short cuts in storytelling. While not a complete history of Australia and New Zealand’s involvement in the Great War, the ANZAC Legend as Dave puts it: ”The book was created to act as a record of the events from the declaration of war, through those leading up to an including the landing on the 25th of April 1915 at Ari Burnu by the ANZAC’s. It also records the events of the first week and a half after the landing….The story is presented in a manner which makes it easier for the layman to understand why, who, where and what took place.” I believe he has done a sterling job in presenting a comprehensive and easy to read history that is compelling and suits all ages.

Over 200 pages of finely detailed work.
From students to history and war buffs. Dave hasn’t ruled out going beyond this book and continues to tell more of the involvement of the ANZAC’s in World War One, but at this stage it’s one book at a time. The book itself produced by Dave’s own publishing house Wotsleft Books was originally released in 2014 and contains over 200 pages detailed pages. It has been well received winning ComicOz “Best Australian Original Comic Book of 2014” as well as being short listed in the 2014 Ledger Awards – the Oscars of Australian comics. Dave works as a freelance illustrator these days operating out of Mildura. You can find out more about Dave and purchase the ANZAC Legend at www.wotsleftbooks.weebly.com

Dave Dye (Left)

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