Monday, 28 January 2013

Robot Band Compressorhead Performing At Big Day Out

Robot Band Compressorhead 

Performing At Big Day Out

Watch: Robot Band Compressorhead Performing At Big Day Out
Virtual bands are growing more tangible it seems. This piece originally appeared on Moshtix and was written by Mike Hohnen.

 I’m a bit unsure whether there’s a ‘metal’ pun that hasn’t been used to death when discussing Compressorhead, but one thing’s for sure – despite their molecular composition…they rock. The robotic outfit were brought in to occupy fans in-between sets at the Big Day Out main stages, but ended up coming dangerously close to stealing the thunder of the bands they ushered in/out. Compressorhead are a seriously talented band and showcased an array of cover tracks on a playlist built by fan requests, apparently, one of which was Motorhead’s metal anthem Ace Of Spades… Those bands should consider swapping names. Footage has emerged of this ultimate cross section of science and rock ‘n’ roll, which you can check out below. What an age we live in.

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