Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Monk Rock

Monk Rock was created back in 2008 originally on the Red Bubble art site. They are a trio of Monks- Marcel , James and David from an Abbey  in the North of France who accidentally become one of the world's biggest music acts when their recordings of Gregorian chants are mixed with old punk rock tapes from the 1970s. That and the mysterious workings of a red stone. Throw in the mysterious past of two of the monks , a big time criminal, a groupie and a egomanical businessman with dodgy ethical leanings and you have the story of Monk Rock.
The band I.Q= ∞ (eye - kew equals infinity)
The bands career is told in two parts, the first being the rise and fall of everyone involved in the story.
The second a reformation of the band as it has been discovered there has been some unfinished business.

The inspiration of the series was to tell a complicated story without to many words and involving all types of media.
The first part involved the help of popular  artists from Red Bubble including Lucan Industries, sjem, Scott Robinson, Ange and No Frills Art amongst others.
All animations and music were made with easy to access software and freeware and used public domain images and sounds where possible. With the exception of donated art such as the artists above.
Lots of imagery and parody were involved as well as a good does of humour.
The story line also tried to involve the audience as it was released in parts with its "who dunnit" theme.

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