Friday, 1 February 2013

Raven On

A collection of Raven art by yours truly from the last 5 years on the Red bubble site.
Those hyperlinked are for sale as T Shirts on the site.
The Raven comments on the coming apocalypse  by Danny

The Raven comments on the coming apocalypse
Quoth the Raven " Whatever!" by Danny

Quoth the Raven " Whatever!"

Regard not these scavengers

 The young wife of the captain wailed hysterically as she cradled his head on her breasts swelled as they were due to the lateness of her pregnancy. The battle was over and only the slain remain, her husband one of the many. His sword still clutched in his lifeless hand. On a nearby branch two crows waited patiently for her to leave. Aware of their presence the young wife began to dig a shallow grave to protect her lover from scavengers. For hours she scrapped with only her hands until with only her strength of will to help her dragged her husband, armour and all into the shallow pit where she laid down beside him and passed away from grief and exhaustion.
The crows’ patience had paid off well.

This years model (available as T Shirt)

faaaark yeah!  (available as T Shirt)

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