Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Virtual band update

Virtual band update
Mistula are still huge in the Phillipines, Hatsune Miku is probably the biggest music sensation in Japan at the moment and has even gone on tour. Gorillaz have just released their second album in a year, the most recent totally composed and recorded using iPad applications. Panty,Stocking and Garterbelt have also had a massive hit in Japan with D City Rock. Dethklok after releasing their second album and third TV series have toured America (as has Gorillaz) to satisfy fans need for something more tangible. While Hatsune Miku has gone one step further on from Gorillaz ground breaking performances at the MTV and Grammy awards by going on a whole tour as a hologram.
Gorillaz IE9 Pr
Meanwhile in the cartoon band arena the Chimpmunks have made box office squillions by releasing a sequel that aped the first in popularity.
It’s a long way from the carton versions of popular bands like the Beatles, Osmonds, Jackson Five and Partridge Family, and cartoon rock characters like the Beagles, Josie and the Pussycats and Groovie Ghoulies.
Cartoon / Virtual bands these days can deliver the songs and the concept these days thanks to the wide range of technology and the means to portray themselves in so many different media.
Gorillaz have recently been linked with the iPad and the new Internet Explorer 9, Dethklok have upgraded their amplifier sponsorship from Krank to Marshal as well as many other leading brand musical equipment including Gibson and MXR and Line6 effects.
Action figures is where the real collectables seem to be with Gorillaz and Dethklok selling out two releases of figures and Mistula dolls going for huge amounts and basically have to made from scratch by the fan after the manage to procure their own BJD (ball jointed doll), While Hatsune Miku seems to be readily available in many different formats.

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