Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

The Anarchy sisters, Panty and Stocking, are angels who were kicked out of Heaven due to their bad behavior. They are sent to Daten City (a pun on the Japanese word datenshi "Fallen Angel")), a place located on the edge of Heaven and Hell. Strange monsters called "Ghosts" besiege the city, but the Anarchy sisters wield a variety of mysterious powers, most notably their ability to transform their clothing into weapons.
Under the watchful eye of Reverend Garterbelt, and with their pet zipper-dog Chuck, it's up to Panty and Stocking to destroy these Ghosts, in order to collect enough Heaven Coins to return to Heaven.
In typical Japanese anime fashion it is crass and totally funny.
This series which only started airing in October 2010 has taken Japan by storm.
This wonderful piece of musical video is from the soundtrack from the series.
It pays homage to several other bands such as King Crimson, Nirvana, Pink Floyd and of course Gorillaz.


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