Thursday, 24 February 2011

Keith Richards figure

I couldn’t help myself when a figure of Keith Richards was too cheap to ignore and I had to buy it.
Usually I only buy figures of dead rock stars but since Keith looks like he’s been dying for years I thought “Why not?”
I did the same with Ozzy Osbourne a couple of years ago and I still haven’t taken him out of his box.
I was sure it would only be a couple of months.
Never doubt the staying power of the truly wasted.
Anyhow, on receiving the figure I believe it to be one of the worst representations I have.
It is supposed to be Keith circa Sticky Fingers era, but it looks nothing like him.
Usually the vanity of rock stars only allows models from their prime, so it was refreshing to see this other model someone made up of Keith in a more modern era. Pic 2 & 3 via About My Work Blog
A wonderful blog ran by Mick Baltes from Germany, specialising in custom dolls and dioramas

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