Saturday, 29 January 2011

Extreme Machine Show

These articles are reprints from and the BBCN community paper that i'm showcasing over the Christmas / Summer break  First published March 13 2008

Last week end the local Primary School held its bi-annual Extreme Machine Show.
The School grounds are basically taken over by all manners of cars, boats and bikes with engines and other bits that look like they were intended for machines three times larger.
It also gives an opportunity for local interest groups and clubs to have displays.
All up it’s a good revenue raiser for the school.
I thought I’d go a view all this monstrous machinery: one because I was slightly curious even though I have no interest in said vehicle types and the second reason being that I live virtually next door and all the street parking made it impossible to get the car out to go anywhere else.
The crowds were healthy and the local teenagers were out in force so my kids promised to disappear if I emptied my wallet into their hands . I did – they kept their promise.
The temperature had hit 30 Degrees Celsius by 11.00 AM so it was a constant search for shade and water.
Any way I’ll let the pictures tell the story.

A Volvo haters dream

This is not a small man. It is a very big car

This was just pure vandalism but fun to watch

The Motorcycle guys play a very fast and very high version of tag

This guy was really, really high. I headbutted the guy behind me in the forehead taking this shot.

These cars we’re broken i think all their suspension was shot

All the cars must have been broken because they all had their bonnets up

Local youth run amuck in the carpark

This guy started up his boat and made the most
Horrible racket imaginably.
I didn’t have the heart to tell him he was still on the trailer let alone 10 Kms from the nearest body of water.

The worst police speed trap I had ever seen.

These must have been novelty cars.
This one had a pair of Binoculars fitted.

This one had a washing machine attached

“Are you my Daddy?”

The Reserve Army trailer were trailing special army force fields.
It worked because hardly anyone went near this display all day.

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