Monday, 29 March 2010


I originally saw this idea in the now defunct Spy Magazine A very clever satirical publication that also featured some serious invetigative journalism and creative pranks. Itwas a great read but too smart for it's time and never was a profitable venture petering out by the end of the 90s.
The idea was originally by Andy Aaron (i think) and after listening to quite a few Dylan tracks myself I decided to eloborate on the idea.
The concept is to take a line from part 1 and pick and choose in any order another line from both Part 2 & 3. Then see if they make more sense than the original.
Fun hey?

Part 1 part 2 Part 3 Song Album + year
And now I stand here lookin' at your yellow railroad In the ruins of your balcony Absolutly Sweet Marie Blonde on Blonde 1966
Where the sad-eyed prophet says that no man comes, My warehouse eyes, my Arabian drums Sad eyed lady of the lowlands Blonde on blonde 1966
At the peak of the night, the king and the queen Tumbled all down into pieces. Ballad in Plain D Another side of Bob Dylan 1964
Well, Shakespeare, he's in the alley With his pointed shoes and his bells, Speaking to some French girl, To be stuck inside of Mobile Blonde on blonde 1966
I walked by a Guernsey cow Who directed me down To the Bowery slums With the Memphis blues again. Bringing it all back home 1965
He sits in your room, his tomb, with a fist full of tacks Preoccupied with his vengeance Can you please crawl out your window? Biograph 1985
The cold-blooded moon. Sending his thoughts to a beloved maid The captain waits above the celebration Changing of the guards Street Legal1978
Through the wild cathedral evening the rain unraveled tales For the disrobed faceless forms of no position Chimes of Freedom Another side of Bob Dylan 1964
The man standin' next to me, his head was exploding, Well, I was prayin' the pieces wouldn't fall on me. Day of the Locusts New Morning 1970
Einstein, disguised as Robin Hood With his memories in a trunk Passed this way an hour ago Desolation Row Highway 61 Revisited 1965
With a time-rusted compass blade Aladdin and his lamp Sits with Utopian hermit monks Gates of Eden Bringing it all back home 1965
While one who sings with his tongue on fire Gargles in the rat race choir It's alright, Ma, I'm only bleeding Bringing it all back home 1965
When all of your advisers heave their plastic at your feet to convince you of your pain Queen Jane Approximately Highway 61 Revisited 1965
You're going to Sodom and Gomorrah But what do you care? Ain't nobody there would want to marry your sister. Jokerman Infidels 1983
Crimson flames tied through my ears Rollin' high and mighty traps Pounced with fire on flaming roads My Back pages Another side of Bob Dylan 1964
The cloak and dagger dangles, Madams light the candles. In ceremonies of the horsemen, Love minus zero/ no limit Bringing it all back home 1965

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