Sunday, 14 March 2010

Arty people I know and respect Part Four

Ed (right) pictured here with Red Bubble Co-founder Peter Styles. 
Two men responsible for Red Bubbles global success)

Ed Redman
Red Bubble original whose output is staggering but few
would ever realize it.
One of the driving forces creatively for the art site Ed has crammed a lot in his lifetime.
Ed originally from Britain was visiting Australia and only days before he was meant to leave was in a major car accident that nearly left him a cripple for life.
This turned out to be a blessing and through this delay managed to meet his partner and become a founding member of the Red Bubble team.
Here is still known as the Minister of Tshirts and he must know what he’s doing because he has two best sellers himself.
It’s because of Ed that the Clothing design community on Red Bubble is so strong.
Before Ed had his accident he did have some success in the fashion industry with Wolf Rayett a reference to a celestial body which he also has a passion.

Besides his creative work developing and marketing Red Bubble Ed is also passionate about film, vinyl records, animation, Holga cameras and developed film as well as animation , astronomy ,alternative universes and supporting anyone who’s got an idea with a trace of originality.
I think I’ll just create a list of links to show how talented and underrated an artist this clever man really is.


 Wolf rayett 
A link to a pre RB company designing clothing.

Holga Madness
A link to just some of Ed's photos taken with a film camers. Being such a well travelled world citizen Ed is never without his trusty camera. The difference being Ed doesn't take happy holiday snaps. Ed has an eye for the architechural, the history , the hidden design by Mother Nature and sometimes the  the plain absurd.
The majority of these photos are "photoshop" free and and the effects and colours are the product of the camera and the man holding it..

A collection of recent photography
More wonderous pics.

Experimental work1
Experimental work 2
A sample of what an enquring mind can get up to with a few minutes spare.

Street art champion
There are rumours he may have participated in some of these antics himself as a younger man.

Festival goer and architectural fan
A link to a journak that combines two great loves music and architecture.

Ideas man and lover of the vast heavens
This is a link to a project that Ed worked on with the creator of a wonderful project that simply explains the size of our solar system.
This link is my journal from when I visited on the Open Day

Animation fun and tutorial 1
Animation fun and tutorial 2

Vinyl lover
This man LOVES his records.

Sharer of his travels  1
Sharer of his travels  2
Basically go here and have a good look around

A collection of animations.

This one was recently added to Jack White's web site

RB promos

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