Monday, 6 July 2009

Hard Rock Jukebox - 10-Year Anniversary Special Part One

The IWML (The InterWebMegaLink )
have created one of the best satirical
rockumentaries since The Comedy Stores's Bad News Tour.
I'm not really sure who this collective is or if they are a collectitve. I first discovered them here on which led me to this wonderful work.
I got in contact with their "spokesman" and he gave me permission to help flog this under rated fun fest.
This is so revealing and a lot closer to the truth if you have ever been in a garage band and dreamed of glory but didn't have the commitment, drive or ability to carry it off.
I know I can relate to it hahahaha.

It will run for two weeks each week consisting of 3 seperate parts.
ENJOY and check out the other crazy stuff and interesting artwork via the links.

Hard Rock Jukebox - 10-Year Anniversary Special

Perhaps the greatest cover band in the world, Hard Rock Jukebox changed the face of music itself, blurring the line between "cover version" and "incredible new original work of art". Some call them the most amazing band the world has ever seen - others just bow their heads in wonder.

This rockumentary documents the band's feelings about their incredible debut gig, and the excitement with which they looked forward to their second follow-up gig (nearly 6 years later). Laugh, cry - feel the drama, the tension, the camraderie, the pure raw manliness - and prepare to rock out like you've never rocked out before.

Directed by the Interwebmegalink's very own A D MacHine

More next week

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