Monday, 13 July 2009

Hard Rock Jukebox - 10-Year Anniversary Special PART 2

Hard Rock Jukebox - 10-Year Anniversary Special PART 2

One gig just wasn't enough for this 90's supercoverband - they wanted TWO. And the music organisers at NMIT (Bundoora East campus) made this dream a reality - a reality powerful enough to awaken the sleeping Gods of Thunder , and reanimate the Demons of Rock, and make them LIVE - through the unrelenting wonder of solid machismo that is Hard Rock Jukebox. Nearly six years after their first (and only) gig, this legendary second gig had ramifications for this epic band - not to mention for the very fabric of rock and roll itself.

This '10-Year Anniversary Special' feature-length documentary was edited and compiled by A D MacHine, and stars none other than Hard Rock Jukebox, members of which have now gone on to perform in bands such as 'Dead Ants Rainbow', 'New Horizons in Violence', 'The Day Everything Became Nothing', 'Pig Slash Rhino', and 'Flesh Versus Venom'. Not to be missed

Thanks for the guys at IWML for permission to run this hilarious historical saga.

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