Monday, 23 March 2009

Stuff that I make in my shed

These are things I do in my shed when I have spare time, which these days is all the time.

This is my cartoon rat who I performed an autopsy on to see why such animals can do the marvellous things they do.
Such as running off cliffs and hang there to either return or plummet with a crash to shake their heads and carry on.
I don't know what I expected to find but there defiantly wasn't any anti gravitational devices.
Just blood and guts.

These are from my steam punk collection something that people who visit here often will know I have a thing for.
The lamp is actually up and working.
I sent the googles to Scott Robinson - Robot lover & Artist extrodinaire and that is a picture of him wearing them.
He even wrote about it.

All these are little dioramas that I was really into a couple of years ago.
My son had gotten in Warhammer - Lord of the Riings games
I liked the idea of making the battlefields and such and then moved onto making hobbit holes.
It was fun, now I have a shed full of homes for small people with hairy feet.

These are creature diorama models for the University of Itneverhappened.
Top : This is the eye spider- a creature that had a similar cousin in the movie Mirror Mask.
Great movie if you get a chance to see it. It lives in dark places and eats ideas.
Bottom: Is the rare sextupatops . A crature that went extint as soon as it evoled due to the fact that it couldn't shit.

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