Sunday, 29 March 2009

The collaboration club

A collection of collaborational
works that I have done with some vey talented people.
All artists can be found at

MONK ROCK was a web based multi media story about a Gregorian Punk Rock band.
I asked and was freely given assistance in many of the backgrounds.
These are a few.
sjem Chanel2


Various works of art by those mentioned in this article and Ange

A special reworking of a beach photo of my son and I transformed into something eerily
similar to the coverof Led Zeppelin 4

Cathie Tranent

Scott Robinson is a talented bugger who draws my ideas out if I wear him down enough and he gives in.

Scott Robinson

The people from Lucan Industries don't even tell me what they're going to do with my words or images. They just DO.
Which is fine by me.

Lucan Industries

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