Saturday, 1 June 2013

Bands and artists that have been Simpsonized Part One

Bands that have appeared on the Simpsons television show, movie and comic books.

Bands who have been  immortalized and parodied on the world's longest running prime time cartoon show.
Actually there has been so many bands and artists that I had to cut this into two posts.

Episode: Flaming Moe's

Alice Cooper from the Tree House of Horror Compilation Comic

George Harrison

Episode: Homer's Barbershop Quartet

Paul McCartney 

Episode: Lisa the Vegetarian

Ringo Starr

Episode: Brush with Greatness

Blink 182

Episode: Barting Over

Episode: Million Dollar Maybe

David Crosby 

Episode: Marge in Chains

Green Day

The Simpsons Movie

N Sync

Episode: New Kids on the Blecch

Lady Gaga
Episode: Lisa goes Gaga
Jimi Hendrix
Episode: Homer The Heretic

Episode: The Mook, the Chef, the Wife and Her Homer

New Kids On The Block
Not sure where this is from.

Episode: Treehouse of Horror

(unknown origin)Not in ant episode but mentioned a few times

Episode: Rosebud


Episode: Homer the Moe

Cypress Hill

Episode: Homerpalooza

Sonic Youth 

Episode: Homerpalooza

The Smashing Pumpkins 

Episode: Homerpalooza

Peter Frampton

Episode: Homerpalooza


Episode: Radio Bart

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