Wednesday, 15 May 2013

I'm Sreampunking my shed

I have decided to take back my shed from my wife and children and turn it back into a man cave.
Of course to do this many things must be moved, rearranged or very sneakingly thrown out.
This is the start , I got excited when I found my work bench under a ton of old boxes full of clothes and shoes and started to hang stuff up.

This is the Steam punk rifle I started 2 years ago, I had no where to hang it , so I stuck it in the middle of the peg board that now holds my tools.

I had some old bottles and silverware in a box, so got an old desk and pulled it apart to make a book case/ storage cabinet to hold them in. I then had the great idea to get all the brass and copper fittings and just about every plumbing piece of crap I had lying around and steampunked it.

I haven’t finished yet and I still have plans for the little cabinet that sits on top of the shelves, I will keep you posted on more developments.

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