Saturday, 3 September 2011

DaVinci's drum machine

Leonardo DaVinci sculpture, painter, inventor and all round genius.
They said this man had a key to the door of the future.
Well his genius is being directed at another discovery - that of the drum machine.
Obviously  Leonardo had the same problem most bands have in these more current times.
A problem drummer in the group.

I got this little model for my birthday recently and it was quicker to build than it used to take a drummer in one of my okd groups to get the "snare just right"
My Model

A Model from the current DaVinci Machine exhibition which just recently lef Australia after a sell out tour

And here is DaVinci's concept drawing

And these are some famous dead drummers

Keith "The Loon" Moon

Eric "The Fox" Carr

John "where's my Coke" Bonham

As regular readers are aware, I collect dead rock star dolls.
There seems to a major shortage of dead drummer dolls.
Of the three above only one has had a figurine made of him.

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