Sunday, 11 September 2011

Dragon Tears

Collaboration with digital artist Randy Monteith

Things had gotten a little better since the Dragons demise, although the parts that weren’t burned black were the sole property of the Government or the very wealthy.
Out here in the ‘burbs and territories they had to do with what they had and wait until Mother Nature kicked back in.
Pauly looked at his daughter while she was kicking the ground and watching puffs of dust rise and scatter, it seemed to fascinate her which in turn made him smile.
She didn’t remember any of the Dragon wars or the hard times associated with them.
She was the future and he had to deal with that see beyond his own worries make it the best he could for her.
Like now for instance, little Makita’s eyes seemed larger than usual behind the lenses of her facemask, something he didn’t think possible they were so big and gorgeous on her pale face without embellishing.
Makita was running around in the cloud of black ash that was stirred up by the gentle wind .

They were pretending it was snow.

Pauly had to make sure Makita didn’t inadvertently kick a carcass or some skeletal remains hidden under the dark blanket. In time the sulfur smell would fade and the poisons in the air dissipate, who knows? Snow might even return for real.
That’s what the scientists promised.
Until then Pauly would have to think like his child and pretend.

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