Monday, 6 September 2010

Something I found in the kitchen while replacing the lino.

The Ladies Home Journal September 1949 edition.
New and exciting kitchen accessories and meals to serve for the latest “Cannibal” craze.

With the onset of the cold war and the threat of mass nuclear annihilation the everyday housewife has turned her thoughts and attention to the possible scenarios that may present themselves if such an event occurs,
Feeding the family is always the most important thing these modern day marvels are contemplating and the latest appliances to do these tasty treats isn’t far behind in personal priority.
With the threat of a nuclear winter blocking out the sun and poisoning the ground, cannibalism has taken a strong hold as firm favourite thus creating this wacky but popular new fad.
A dual freezer and cook top for basement use which can be fired using offal and calcium deposits (bones for you slow learners) If you feel lonely you can keep yourself some company with the glass doors.

Lending a hand in the kitchen takes on a whole new meaning with these new designer serving dishes.

Anyone for chinese?

Next week:
Bleeding apparatus and boning implements
*originally posted on Oct 22 2009

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