Monday, 20 September 2010

More intresting articles from the magazines found under the lino

Mary discovered if she pushed this button food kept coming out. If she pressed the one on the left a small dead animal would appear in the back yard pond.

When Jane’s husband realised she had a “hobby” he kicked down the closet door and threatened to shoot the refrigerator in protest.

Silly Joan thought she was popular at the masquerade party because of her stunning hat not because she forgot her top.

Katherine refused to come down to the party because her new dress clashed with the carpet.

Margaret remembered just in time that she didn’t have clean underwear on in case she was in an accident.

These three ladies demonstrate the latest in pre marital sex accessories: The Gloves.

This young lass just enjoying the whole new exciting world that had opened up to her on the discovery of the “blow job”
*originally posted on Nov 4 2009

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