Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Vale WEG- Melbourne Cartooning Icon

Vale WEG
Melbourne Cartooning Icon

William Ellis Green passed away on Monday 29th December 2008, he was 85.

With his passing he has left a legacy that reminds us why he was considered a living national treasure.

WEG’s clear crisp lines and pen work were part of my life as his single panel cartoons appeared each day on the front page of the (now defunct) Melbourne afternoon paper The Herald. He was the polar opposite of The Heralds sister paper The Sun’s Jeff Hook,
who tended to more cluttered scenes and shading and Melbourne landmarks featured more

Both artists were the influence of a whole generation of cartoonists.

WEG will be remembered in history’s pages if not for anything but his Grand Final posters which have symbolized the VFL/AFL premiership winners for over 50 years and can be found in nearly every Victorian home. 90,000 were sold just for this years winner (Hawthorn) alone. While these iconic images are extremely popular WEG never made a cent on them instead donating all profits to the Royal Children’s Hospital Good FridayAppeal.

It has been that the tradition will continue in his honour.

I’ve met both Geoff (Jeff) Hook and William Green in my life time and can say both were charming and talented men who though retired still loved to pull out their weapon of choice (a thick black marker with butchers paper) and so portraits for people.

I was lucky enough to have my portrait done on my 40th birthday.

He will be sadly missed and condolences to his family.

Here are some links to honor his memory including one fascinating account of his assistance to catch a house burglar by giving Police a caricatured drawing which let to his recognition and arrest.

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Anne said...

A universe without WEG is hard to grasp. Yes, I grew up devouring WEG and Hook cartoons too! Grand Final posters will never, ever be right!