Monday, 8 December 2008

I was in a band once....

*Part 6- Growing up.*

After that last attempt I sort of lost the spark , I had a full time girlfriend who frowned on the time dedicated to silly pursuits, even though Jim and I would sometimes ambush a party when I would grab the guitar out of the car and do a couple of numbers.
Kashmir went from strength to strength and were actually recording demos for working in the pubs when James decided he had had enough and disappeared down the coast, without James support Russell chucked it in to.
The band split up.
Roger and Chris formed a three piece with one of Rogers’s school friends Michael on drums and asked me to play keyboards at their first gig. It was fun but I didn’t do it again and actually lost contact with Roger for a while.
The band didn’t last either and Michael committed suicide.
I don’t think the events were related.
James actually sang all over the place with anyone who would jam and both he and I busked in Kings Cross one night on a tour up the coast to visit family.
Russell and Jim never played in another band again.
Jessy went onto play cabaret and earned a good living.
I met up with Roger about a two years later he had finished his course and was now an accountant and met a girl who sang and they were in a pub band together. He invited me to come watch. I
did; the Bar Tender and me one Sunday night in a pub in Doncaster some where.
Roger eventually married this girl and I was groomsman at his wedding.
Jim went onto be a school teacher teaching English.
Al went onto be a General Manager of an Electrical Engineering firm.
Roger was also a General Manager of a large Company but gave it up to be a teacher at an alternative education School.
It was a good experience and it only happened over the course of 2 or 3 years but a lot of lessons were learnt, a lot of life long friendships made and memories to cherish.
If I had my time to do it all again?
Shit yeah
but I’d probably take singing lessons.


When we started back in 1979 in our flannel shirts and runners with our cheap instruments, proudly wearing our influences of Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Neil Young and the Sex Pistols on our sleeves. Who would of thought we would pre date Grunge by a good 10 years in attitude if not style. I believe that is why, even at the age of 30, I felt an attachment of sorts, a kindred spirit you could say with Kurt Cobain.

This is something I wrote in another journal about him:

I was sitting watching some kids show nursing my new born baby daughter when a video clip for Nirvana came on. “Smells Like Teen Spirit” It was like hearing Time & Pretty Vacant all over again. The power, the anger, the cheeky smirk. This is magic, like punk but not as primitive, I couldn’t wait to hear more . I rang up my mate Russell who I played with years ago and he had heard it to and was equally charged.
Everyone wanted to pick up their instruments and play again.
I still remember the day I heard that Kurt Cobain had topped himself and feeling a great sense of loss.
I must admit the whole grunge thing was a momentary relief, our wives let us make some noise for a while but parenting, breadwinner duties took over again.

Even at 45 his still my Elvis , my John Lennon, silly poor bugger, he had everything why did he have to blow it all away.
Go Figure.

Thank you everyone who got this far and wallowed in my indulgence.

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