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The Worst Album Covers of all time

The Worst album Covers of all time.

Cautionary note before you read this: This piece only refers to 12 inch vinyl albums and not CD’s, tapes, video or any other media.

Being the worst album cover and worst album tend to be in a separate category, whereas a Metal Head may think the worlds greatest Polka tunes are the epitome of crap and visa versa , both may think the cover of The Velvet Underground and Nico’s Banana cover album stupid.
I could write for days about what I think are stupid, bad and totally inappropriate album covers, but the chances are you have and will never see them because the majority of them belonged to my Father. Who , I believe, bought anything with the word bagpipes, polka or bawdy on it from the bargain bin.
Below is a list of Must See Sites that will take all the hard work out of my hands and allows you to browse at some of the recording industries worst atrocities.
As an example to what I consider a band album cover I don’t point to silly flares or terrible artwork, I choose those that have let the music down. For example the first, second and fourth Led Zeppelin albums. Brilliant music but the album covers are boring and have no information, you may as well stare at the wall than read the album cover. Also the Long Run by The Eagles I consider a crap album cover especially after the spent untold millions recording an ordinary album and then made the cover so bland.
I could go on, but won,t. Try these links below.
A quick note, some are fairly silly and are usually just photos from a period when dressing that way was the norm, so you may have to wade through some of the various sites prejudices or basic lack of humour.

1. Cover Browser Worst Album Covers
Looks like he actually found the original covers, usually a lot of these sites will just cut and paste a top 10 and post it as a filler in a Newspaper Blog. Not bad.

2. Rate Your Music
Some of these you may have to click on the link for them to show. A classic example of someone who just doesn’t get it. No sense of humour here.

3. Jim’s Collection A good selection and some funny comments from an amateur site, (some links are broken but you’ll get over it)

4. The Museum of Bad Album Covers
The best of the lot, this site categorises each album and tries to give them some semblance of order. They are not just placed on the site because they’re misunderstood. Check out his classic radio section, especially the backward messaging tapes.

NOTE: I thought I was being totally original in bringing these sites to others attention until I stumbled across an Old Jack Marx’s article. So credit goes to the great man and he wasn’t even writing about this subject.
Jack Marx

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