Friday, 5 May 2017


TALES FROM THE LOOP. Illustrations and text by SIMON STALENHAG

 This a gorgeous book.

A nostalgic look back at an alternative history, about growing up in the boom times of a 1980s Sweden, where, after World War 2, new technology is discovered that leads to a massive Hadron Collider being built under an area in the county's southeast, resulting in incredible machines and structures dominating the pastoral landscape. All this is seen through the eyes of a pre-teen.
 Accompanying the striking artwork is a narrative that sometimes only feathers on the picture represented to tell of deeds done, places explored along with creepy urban legends about Dinosaurs, teleporting and runaway robots that were told by an uncle of a friend of a friend while playing in the discarded hulks of the new technology.
 It ends with a melancholy note of what happens when the boom times fade and the money, men, and memories move onto some other area.

Simon Stalenhag has become an internet sensation with his artwork and when this book began a KICKSTARTER to publish an English language version it raised 300 times its initial goal.


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Some of the images from the book.

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