Monday, 30 January 2017

Joe Nolan

My brother Joe passed away Saturday 14th January 2017, He and I once put out a comic. He had a talent for drawing but never pursued it, and as time marched forward, the reliance on computers, scanners, and photoshop made him feel redundant and made his decision to go back to drawing easier to decline.
It's a pity because I thought he had real potential to go onto something better, he, unfortunately, didn't.
As a tribute, I thought of posting some of his work. Actually, the only surviving pieces of his work all are taken from WOMBAT COMICZ published around 1984.
So I'm uploading the book.
It is very offensive, especially by today's standards. My excuse. It was a different time, place and mentality. For example, it was more common than not for people to smoke at the dinner table, whilst eating back then. There are many other examples I could give but if someone is going to be offended they will, regardless. This is not me now, nor was it Joe, in many respects. Times and people change, we have our children to thank for that.
R.I.P little Bro.
For you.
 Wombat Comicz

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