Wednesday, 5 October 2016

My Curiosity Cabinet

My Curiosity Cabinet.

Inspired by the recent Guillermo Del Toro exhibition At Home With Monsters (basically his Bleak House memorabilia on the road) and Jamin Swaneveld’s Last Frontier Tattoos and Museum. I decided to build my own little Cabinet of Curiosities with whatever stuff I had collected or had lying around at home.
A Cabinet of Curiosity can be a very personal thing consisting of found objectss that recall moments and memories or it can be a collection of antiques such as medical ephemera, old toys or household items. Ideally it should be an assortment of marvels that make the viewer take a closer look and maybe quell the urge to touch.  Whereas I have made a rather small (medicine/ bathroom) sized model, the term Curiosity Cabinet can and does refer to larger furniture and also houses and museums. An example of the different types and styles can be found here and you can begin your own search into the marvelous oddity that is a Curiosity Cabinet.
I hope to add more and more as time moves forward, who knows I might even throw in a few themes on the way.



A sample of Last Frontier's Cabinets of Curiosity

A few shots piece of the building process.

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Love it; love the who concept, possibly been practicing it without realising. (AvA)