Monday, 14 March 2016

Ryan K Lindsay Aussie comic book writer

Ryan K Lindsay is an Australian comic book writer essayist and teacher with a passion for the craft of comic book creation.
His works include FATHERHOOD, DEER EDITOR AND NEGATIVE SPACE – the latter, published by Dark Horse is currently approaching its final issue of a four comic arc.
 Ryan is so passionate about his craft that he is an invaluable source of information for the new comer to the game who is looking for the basic where to and what for in comic book creating , especially when it comes to  writing. Whether it be scripting, pitching or even dairy keeping for your future ideas you can bet RKL has written on the topic.

A great place to start is by subscribing to his weekly newsletter- THE TWO FISTED HOMEOPAPE-where he gives updates of his own works in progress, other projects of note and links to fun or free stuff as well as information related to writing and creating comics.
Negative Space art by Owen Gieni
Ryan currently has a KICKSTARTER in progress and for a mere AU$3 you can help fund Part Two of the DEER EDITOR series but also receive a plethora of free stuff. Unlike most U,S or other overseas fund raisers this KICKSTARTER is a digital download only and with the OZ dollar where it is at the moment negates the massive delivery costs that make most crowd funding very unattractive at the moment.
Check it out the links below and enjoy the knowledge of someone who has made it and like the teacher that he is in real life willing to share his experience.

DEER EDITOR: FEARLESS Kickstarter campaign


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