Friday, 6 September 2013

My $3 Note

I was only eleven years old when the 1972 federal election was held, by comparison to today’s election campaigns the duel between William McMahon and Gough Whitlam was titanic.
Of course it was a different time and place and many things have changed socially and politically over the last forty years. I myself have found the two parties fighting for this next election differing very little and the campaigns boring and sterile with an over excited press, both mainstream and social, finding “news” in nothing at all. So when I rediscovered this little gem (pictured) that my father brought home after voting in the 1972 election I was excited that something so clever but ephemeral had survived and the humour still valid. A piece of satirical propaganda, it is an election day flyer handout . Most of the jokes are obvious and not too subtle, especially the inflation serial number, however the artwork is superb and from what information I could gather (and I appreciate any more substantial data if anyone can offer) were only given out on the day of the election. They were designed and created by Seaman’s Union in Sydney but distributed by members of the Trades Hall Council in Victoria. The electorate where I grew up at the time, Henty, was notorious for swinging from one party to another quite regularly over the years and because it straddled a Housing Commission area and more affluent South Eastern suburbs there always seemed to be plenty of representation from all parties on polling day. My Dad said he was lucky to get one because the Police rolled up and confiscated them because they were in breach of federal law, that I quote here in edited form because it is quite long “includes a representation of current paper money… when detached from the newspaper, journal, magazine, notice, placard, circular, hand﷓bill…. or other material in which it is included, capable of misleading a person into believing that it is that current paper ”
 I think they were tipped off somehow.

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