Monday, 1 April 2013

Artist I admire and respect:Steve Austin

When the second phase of the Game of Kings project was realised it was decided that to expand on the original concept would require many more artists. These guys were fans of the project or were admired by the artists from the first phase, usually both. Steve Austin (under Ausven) was one of the first to gleefully accept; along with Peter Fairfax (under the pseudonym Sturstein) they contributed way beyond the call of duty and then some when they combined to panel out some of the story into graphic novel format. Peter deserves his own profile, so more on him later, Steve Austin a likeable English chap with a young family was so enthusiastic and quick with ideas and artwork he almost single handed kept the project exciting for me personally and I’m not drawing a long bow but say Simon was as well.
Since then Steven has managed to place or win in several Red Bubble Competitions where he is a very popular artist.
As a free lance artist he has been showing off his skills on his Facebook page and his dedicated web site and has a growing fan base. Here are some of his drawing that he was trailing for 2000AD and other artworks. Oh and by the way did we mention he does album cover art.(see below)
A great talent that will no doubt be a household name in the future.


Zombie Circus EP cover

 Cover for the single by Aussie artist Preston Pierce

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