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Virtual /Cartoon Bands through history The Nutty Squirrels

Virtual /Cartoon Bands through history The Nutty Squirrels

Growing up in Australia in the 1960s you had to grab whatever cartoon action you could get, despite having three commercial  and one government owned station they were all on air  between 6.00AM and 10.00PM most nights.
The Nutty Squirrels were a nightly filler show on just before the news so it meant that it was acceptable to watch by my parents because there was no need to change the channel, even though the high pitched laughter they made annoyed the shit out of Dad,

Though the Nutty Squirrels appeared on Television before Alvin and the Chimpmunks The Nutty Squirrels created in 1959, were pretty much a direct ripoff of Alvin and his crew, but sang bebop jazz songs instead of songs people liked. Their 1960 animated program “The Nutty Squirrels Present” generally had the group introduce unrelated animated shorts with snippets of their songs.
Their television succes was never sustained and were only on air for one season.
During 1959 and 1964 The Nutty Squirrels released three albums and experienced a renaissance in 1976 and again in 1984.
Their tracks "Uh! Oh!" Part One and "Uh! Oh!" Part 2 charted in the US pop charts at 45 and 14 respectively.

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Anonymous said...

Remember them well. Who could forget the theme song. Any episodes existing apart from Tiger trouble on toon tracker? Believe the ABC has erased or disposed of the tapes. Remember seeing it in color, so it did survive 1975, Australia's conversion year to color tv. Shame the film cant be found. Over to American collectors and stations perhaps for recovery?


David Canberra.