Monday, 13 February 2012

That's my boy

That's my boy
an old story originally on Red Bubble

"How's that, you bastards?"

The heavy ball sailed high and seemed to stay a split longer in the air than seemed natural and landed "plop" in the soft sand next to the jack.

"Truly a bigger arse of a shot can not be found Michael"

"More like you picked that shot out of your arse"

"That'll be the money shot"

Came the replies of his opponents and partner
"Money shot be right, pay up boys"

Money exchanged hands and everyone moved up the pit to collect their balls.

"Oi Bobby I’ll collect mine, just leave it there" he called to his partner.

He needn't worry about his opponents they never got close to the jack.

"My you've really hit your straps lately my friend" said Bobby " Won't be long before no one will plays us"

Michael waddled up to pick up his balls, picking up the last thrown with care and gently polishing it with a towel before putting it in a fur lined carry case.

“Aye it’s been a treat” Michael said more to the case than to Bobby.

The two men separated when they left the park to go to their individual homes.

“When I caught that Leprechaun, I never thought he’d be as sneaky as he was young Jim”

Michael stopped talking as a pair of ladies passed by, he gave them a polite smile. When they were clear he continued.

“My one wish and I only thought of you. Who’d of thought it would turn out like this, hey?”

He looked around and open the fur lined bag.

“To make something useful out of my only son I asked”
He patted his pockets

“ How useful you really have become, hey?”

The ball moved in the bag and let out a little sigh.

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