Friday, 15 April 2011

The Hex Girls


Direct from Scooby Doo to you

Thorn - lead singer and guitarist. She is sultry and her voice seems to seduce audiences. Thorn is the only one of the Hex Girls whose real name (Sally McKnight) is known. She is quite shy when not on stage, and claims that she is "1/16 Wiccan on [her] mother's side" (although this is impossible as Wicca is a 20th century religion, not a hereditary biological condition). She has long black hair with red highlights, teal (sometimes green) eyes, and wears a black and red dress in The Witch's Ghost, but a red and purple dress in The Legend of the Vampire. Her guitar shares several characteristics of models made by Dean Guitars(the "V" headstock) and B.C. Rich (the eccentric body style, in this case the outline of a bat).

Voice Actor: Jennifer Hale.
Dusk - drummer and back-up singer. Of the three girls, Dusk reveals herself to be the fiercest, as well as the rebel of the band, and does not like to speak much about herself. She also tends to show that she is tough, but on rare occasions she displays strong feelings of love and friendship towards her friends. She has blonde hair (usually in pigtails) and wears a green dress. In the What's New, Scooby Doo episode "The Vampire Strikes Back," it was revealed she was leaving the Hex Girls to go solo (although this was probably just a rumor that was published in the magazine that Daphne was reading, because throughout the episode there are no more references to that subject).
§ Voice Actor: Jane Wiedlin
Luna - keyboardist and back-up singer. Of the three, she is considered the calm, wisest one. It was her father, a dentist, who outfitted the band with their trademark fangs. She appears to be of African descent, and has bright, dyed-red hair, black eyes and wears a purple dress. She is protective of her keyboard and prefers no one but herself touches it. Not much else is known about her. Her parents used to listen to glam rock albums.
Voice Actor: Kimberly Brooks.

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