Saturday, 4 December 2010

Arty people I know and respect Part 6- Simon Sherry

This is the continuing series of great and giving artist I have collaborated with in the past and in some cases - still working with.

Simon Sherry a local Melbourne artist whose unbridled enthusiasm and natural leadership ability has created some marvelous pieces of work as well as masterminding some serious group activities regardless of the over the chasm that is the world wide web

Simon’s distinctive style has seen him win competitions in T Shirt design as far away as ol’ London town and become a popular seller on the Red Bubble art site.

His work ranges in style from his very controlled and structured Killbot series through to him much more random and dynamic Full Deck series, with space for some more child friendly work in between.

Simon has several interviews on the net and give a great insight into his influences and favourites.

My work with Simon began with the mighty Game of Kings project which Simon instigated after gathering together some of his favourite local artists and had the vision to expand on his original idea of “just” Chess pieces to a complex and visually stunning series.

Starting with 8 artists creating the White army , myself as writer and Simon doing all of the Black army it has grown to include 22 artists joining together to create a story of an incredible battle in a celestial field between two implausible armies.
The first series was successful critically and sold a modest amount of clothing whereas the next phase will be more poster/ card/ wall art driven thus giving the artist more freedom in size, colour and theme.

Some previous interviews with Simon (including mine) that give a great look at what inspires, influences and makes this talented guy tick.

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Adelaide Dupont said...

Great to see your and Sherry's collaboration.

CathieT said...

A very clever man!!

Simon Sherry said...

Many thanks for the kind words mate - I think I'm going to have to repay in kind soon!