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The lead up to World War Three

PART THREE of a FOUR PART SERIES of 1000 word stories, incorporating some clever and talent artists

The lead up to World War Three

After the success of the public relation exercise that was the 2008 Olympic Games, China grew more in confidence and arrogance. There was barely a day that went by preceding the Games that China didn’t mention its 130 Gold Medal haul and the naming as the “Best Games ever” by the Olympic Committee. This brought about a hardline political change and one that seemed less tolerant of previous problems.
So it came as no surprise when China began provocative naval exercises in the seas off Taiwan and the world was pushed to a whole new era of terror when on 1st of May 2010 China invaded the island state.

All diplomatic avenues were exhausted as the United Nations led by the United States President Obama did everything to reverse the action. This was to no avail with China citing years of provocation by the small country and China’s unbridled belief it was still a part of China as a whole.

Due to China’s huge economic power many countries were hesitant to cease trading with China and all larger nations (including the US) just issued empty threats of diplomatic removal even though many had huge investments. in the Taiwanese economy.

This was the beginning of threads that lead to the world at war version 3.0.
In Europe Germany, Spain and France had elected far right wing leaders due to their populations unease with the growing terrorism threat and demanded strong action to combat it.

With these strong leaders came strong opinions and big egos and in an era than accepted China’s invasion of Taiwan, Germany and Spain in a surprise move unilaterally declared war on France for trying to control the Euro and invaded. France was over run within days and surrendered with hope of keeping it’s national identity and culture intact but agreed to be administrated by the other two countries.
The world had been blind sided again and due to the quick resolution there was little anyone could do about it. France handed itself over to its invaders.

This of course led to howls of protest but also howls of laughter from many sectors of the Western and Eastern nations.

The Us and Britain taking great delight in lampooning France as the “Great Surrender Monkeys”.

This would have devastating results as a misguided Terrorist organization called “Viva La France” grew in numbers and committed many a serious attack on American and English soil while ignoring its invaders at home.

China during this period was building relationships with the Spanish- German alliance and growing in stature. In 2012 China built up forces on its Eastern borders while North Korea massed troops on its Southern border with South Korea in what looked like an organized repeat of what had happened to Taiwan.
In a show of supreme defiance South Korea bombed Chinese coastal ports provoking an attack on its own borders.

What happened next is considered one of the most daring strategies ever attempted,
China launched 4 nuclear warheads on 15 April 2012 with trajectories traced to non populated or wilderness areas. South Korea (who had been in development of secret electronic counter systems) used its new untried defense system to take control of the warheads and turn them on Beijing.

Once again the world was stunned and a new era of unpredictability had begun.
When it was revealed that a new alliance had been formed by South Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, Brazil and Mexico who all shared the new missile re-guidance system the world power balance shifted.

This news sent many a diplomatic mission from Europe, Asia and America to these countries to share in this new technology but the pact was hard and fast and done in the interest of economic stability and a world not ruled by fear. Noble words indeed but it led to the ripping up of every treaty written and honoured since the end of the Second World War, due to this the United Nations crumbled under the weight of Universal distrust, diplomatic one-upmanship and bad sportsmanship.

Meanwhile relationships between India and Pakistan had reached new lows when India accused Pakistan of supporting terrorist attacks on major Indian cities which resulted in thousands of casualties. India blamed Pakistan of being jealous of its economic success and that it would always be a basket case and doubted if its nuclear capabilities were even real.

Pakistan goaded into action launched two ICBM towards India but both exploded on their launch pads making the Indian taunts real and then had to swallow more national pride by asking India to come and help clean up the mess. Within weeks Pakistan became once again a state of India.

North Korea who was responsible for the malfunctioning Pakistani missiles was in the throes of civil war. After the South Korea – China incident the peoples of North Korea realized their only threat to the greater (unknown) world was useless and rose up against it head of state Kim Jong-il. The war was slowly turning towards a South Korean/Japanese backed victory it was only the hardline disciples of the president that was holding out with their numbers thinly every day..

China still seething from the nuclear attack debacle had gone into lockdown.
In Europe the tri states of Spain, Germany and France were flexing economic muscle and were suggesting the introduction of its own currency The New Mark. This led to protests from the European Parliament and the three countries were ejected from the union something that never was considered when the invasion happened.

Russia aching to flex some muscle threw down the gauntlet at the tri states and demanded they step in line. With the backing of Great Britain , Italy and Poland they demanded they return France as a free state and work towards a united Europe. This had the opposite effect and the now mostly militant powers of the Tri States went into Empire building mode. Firstly invading Portugal, then Belgium , Switzerland and Austria. The latter two were seen to be in alliance as they just opened up the borders to the invaders.

With this extreme political action taking place calls for the USA to intervene was intensifying.

Feeling pressured but claiming Europe had deal with it’s own problems, the United States remained an interested observer until Viva La France detonated a dirty bomb at the Twin Tower Memorial on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. This prompted outrage on a massive scale and the United States declared war on the Tri Sates and China for economic reasons no one was really sure of.

Since the US had joined in the fray it was OK now to refer to this stage in history as World War Three.

image one coutesy of Earthquakebee (c) EarthquakeBee Used with permission
Earthquake Bee is a talented artist from Red bubble and co owner of Vinyl Grove Records in the Hague
Image Two by the Author available here

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