Monday, 23 November 2009

World War Zombie - A few links for the curious

I‘ve been a bit slow presenting this series as I’ve been a fan for sometime and I thought I’d better do something on it now that the film looks like going into production and a third installment of stories has gone into production.
I’m talking of course of Max Brook’s World War Zombie or WWZ as it has been commonly referred too.
This whole series started with the 2003s Zombie Survival Guide a serious look at how to survive the current Zombie infestation.
Like many of the mocumentaries popular in the late 90s & 2000s, Brooks – Son of comedy legend Mal Brooks – has created a book that doesn’t dumb down or over explain it’s subject matter and tells how to survive a world over run with zombies.
It has been painstakingly researched and is quite a lot of fun to read. The more anxious reader may be taken back a bit but Brooks knows his audience.
Three years later he released the book WWZ
Which tells the aftermath of the zombie wars and gives more insight to the events leading up to, during and after the zombie plague happens.
It has been optioned as a film and looks like going into production in 2010.
The latest installment is "The Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks" which tells in graphic novel form historical events of zombie attacks and how it wasn’t an isolated occurrences in the 21st century.
Brooks has explored many types of media to tell his tales and through this keeps what could become very stale in lesser hands , very fresh indeed.
A great series for those of a love of the macabre and well researched and gripping story telling.

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