Monday, 26 October 2009

Comix Collection Part 2

This is part two of my "underground" comix" collection.
The first part can be found here.

As i said earlier I hope to catalogue them one day.
I'm doing this series because there is a a shortage of good information on the net at the moment regarding 70s underground comix so maybe someone will get these in a google search and get the information they are looking for.
For some more history and/or visuals check these links.





SNOID Zap 9 Zap 11
Zap 3 A side ap 3 B side Zap 5
Weirdo #3 Fantagoro Cootchy Cooty Comix
Leather Nun Dutch Treat American Flyer Funnies
Sleazy Scandals ThunderDogs MOD
Barn Of Fear Ditko WHA. Forbidden Knowledge
Mondo Snarfo Red Raider Spirit 3D


Adelaide Dupont said...

Just wondering if you'd consider ElfQuest an underground comic?

Danny said...

Not really Adelaide, the reason I liked the Underground work of people like Gilbert Shelton, Robert Crumb , Paul Maverides and Rand Holmes was basically because I grew up on Superman and Batman comics and just as I become a (mid) Teenager of 16 these things came availble.
It was a total mind bend.
I do appreciate stuff like Elf Quest and it came along when the industry needed a shake up , much like Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman did in the mid 80s in a writer/story teller sense.
But that's something I'll write about some day on the blog.
Cheers and thanks for taking an interest.