Monday, 21 September 2009

The Bots - The world's first virtual band

We all know that Gorillaz are the most popular and succesful bvirtual band in the world but the Bots take claim as the first. The Bots have been around since about 1992 and were basically an anti President Bush senior bunch of cyber nerds , when the first Presidential Mix, Bushwack, was released under the name Tone Def. Bushwack utilized The Bots so called revolutionary Presidential Truth Filter, which extracts truthful statements from vast wastelands of presidential obfuscation and distortion.

Later, in about 1996, The Bots employed speech synthesizers to create one of the first downloadable songs on the internet. Smoky, Paul Bot and Fred Bot created the song "Fuck You" in general midi and soundfont format, as mp3 files were still in the future. Through a series of recordings, The Bot Brothers, as they originally called themselves, displayed a bad attitude and an angry sarcasm that was unmistakeable. Years later, Synthia joined The Bots and the band went in a slightly different direction. Her recipe was to add a little bit of sugar to the mix.

Now The Bots claim to be as angry and critical as ever, but it is all filtered through a prism of hope, love, and humor.

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