Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Who is/was the greatest cartoon band?

The top 5

5. The Groovy Goolies – Even though Drac, Frankie and Boneapart were total disgraces as horror characters they rate because they had a great signature tune Time for a Goollies get together and the song Chic-A-Boom could drive you and anyone within earshot insane because it was so damn annoying .But you had to keep singing it, your probably doing it now!
# No Grammys

4. The Beatles. I know they aren’t technically a cartoon band but as a child I wouldn’t have got into them as early as I did if it wasn’t for the Beatles Cartoon Show and let’s not forget the Yellow Submarine Feature film I still love that movie.
Write your own list here for hits and classic songs.
***** The Beatles only ever won 5 Grammys over their entire career

3. Josie and the Pussy Cats. Growing up I thought they were hot, then they made a movie and they were hotter and had some good tunes.
The Movie did better than the carton peaking at No.16 in the US in 2001
Josie & The Pussycats had a catchy signature tune
#No Grammys

2. Alvin and then Chipmunks. Just because the sounded funny. My friend the Witchdoctor is a classic.
Did you know Alvin, Theodore & Simon had 2 N0.1 US Hits and have been in existence since 1958 and are still appearing in movies as recently as this year (2007 )
** Alvin and the chipmunks won 2 Grammys though they were for engineering rather than the songs.

1.Gorillaz. The best by far. I know they couldn’t have existed even 10 years ago due to the technology thye use but hey, great graphics , great histories, great songs I hope they just getter weirder.
* They have won 1 Grammy but were nominated for 5 in 2006

(Dis)Honorable mention.

BeSharps. Homer, Apu, Skinner ,Barney & Wiggum (who the others did a Pete Best to)
Baby On board.
* The Simpsons often mocks the Grammy Awards. [[Homer Simpson once won a Grammy statue for his barbershop quarter singing with The B Sharps, but threw it away in disgust. A passerby picked it up saying, "Ooooh, an award statue!" When he recognized the statue, he said, "Aww.. It's just a Grammy", and also threw it away.

The Archies. Even though I couldn’t stand Reggie (though Jughead was cool) Sugar Sugar was everywhere in 1969. Did you know the Archies had another 3 Top 40 songs in the US with "Who's Your Baby?," "Bang-Shang-A-Lang," and "Jingle Jangle."
# No Grammy’s

Jackson 5 A typical band cartoon like the Archies ,capitalizing on the bands popularity of the time.
The Jackson had all their hits before this cartoon was made and had a resurgence after some years after the show was cancelled. Of course Michael went onto to huge solo success later.
#No Grammys, even though they had 7 Top 10 hits and were inducted into the Rock n Roll hall of Fame in 1997.

The Impossibles. Super heroes whose alter egos who were a cool rock star trio.
# No Grammys

FingerBang Cartman, Kyle , Kenny , Stan and Randy Marsh (as all good Boy bands have 5 members) break at superstardom. Their career is short lived when Kenny is killed in an Elevator accident reducing their number to 4 members. # South Park have never been nominated for a Grammy but were nominated for best Song Oscar for “Oh Canada”

The Brady Kids Yes they were even a cartoon series, where they formed a band and moved suspiciously like The Archies

The Partridge Family had a short lived cartoon series after it was cancelled titled The Partridge Family, 2200 A.D. This didn’t last long either.

Fat Albert & The Cosby Kids Oh, this was just plain dreadful.

Even though their characters bordered on cartoonish, The Monkees have no place here. They were smart enough not to do a shitty cartoon version.

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